Rob Gonsalves, The Mosaic Moat. During his childhood, Rob Gonsalves developed an interest in drawing from imagination using various media. By age 12, his awareness of architecture grew as he learned perspective techniques and first began to paint renderings of imagined buildings.  In his post college years, Gonsalves worked full time as an architect.

Rob Gonsalves Canadian Painter, born Toronto, Canada "The Mosaic Moat" Style: Magic Realism

Artist Robert Gonsalves paints magical realism. In one fantastical scene, two or more stories emerge.

Surreal Optical Illusion Paintings Fuse Two Magical Scenes into One

Rob Gonsalves is a famous painter from Toronto, Canada. His works of art are recognizable for their magic realism and mind-bending optical illusions.

Rob Gonsalves

Surrealist Painter Rob Gonsalves – 25 Paintings Which will Confuse Your Brain

Arte con ilusiones opticas

Jesus Optical Illusion Look at the man on the horse and find out how artist portray that. Optical Illusions Jesus The story behind above pic.

alrededor de ti muchos caminos,solo un sentido

Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves explores childlike stories of wonder through his surrealist paintings, capturing peeks of one’s internal daydreams through dual scene optical illusions.


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mig (288×400)  rob gonsalves

Rob Gonsalves (born in is a Canadian painter of magic realism with a unique perspective and style.

Mind blowing optical illusion

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Rob Gonsalves

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