Five Nights at Freddy's foxy<< Me: Oh Mike... What would we do without your horrible sense of humor?!

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Aww Foxy and Mangle are so cute!

Fnaf Mangle X Foxy by SuccubusChan on DeviantArt>>> another example of people wasting perfect art skills on five nights at freddy's shipping.

Mitochondria is the power house of the cell

Mitochondria is the power house of the cell, seriously Chica, you chose to say that on your bib, seriously.

Wow.... just wow... Chica go back where u were there was nothing to see there.

Freddy: should some one go help foxy? Bonnie: It's better him then us bro.*Chica comes behind them* Chica: YOU'RE NEXT! *Bonnies and Freddy hugging each other and squeal like little girls*