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Grosella [Phyllanthus acidus] - Fruit

Grosella [Phyllanthus acidus] - Fruit( Guyanese gooseberries) makes a nice jam…

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Gabiroba | chamada de vários nomes gabiroba, guabiroba, guabirova, guavirova, gavirova, araçá-congonha ou guavira nada mais é do que um fruto produzido através da planta gabirobeira. Um arbusto silvestre que cresce nos campos de quase todo o Brasil porém possui uma predominância nos campos e pastagens do Cerrado Brasileiro, nas regiões de Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul e Minas gerais | Paracatu é conhecida como a Terra da Gabiroba

O nome gabiroba…


picking gooseberries in the summer.and making gooseberry pie.

Rose apple fruits-Caribfruits - Pomme rose / Fruits des Antilles

Rose apple fruits-Caribfruits - Pomme rose / Fruits des Antilles

Guava (anglais)-Caribfruits - Goyave / Fruits des Antilles

Goyave - looking forward to eat these in Rwanda!

I never knew lemons were good for both food and medicinal purposes.

Lemon Blossom -Meyer lemon trees thrive in full sun, producing overlapping generations of fruits and flowers.

Gooseberry's..grandma & grandpa had a bush in their back yard :)

Remember Grandma cleaning the stems off the gooseberries and making gooseberry pie and gooseberry jam.

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Top 10 Light Dessert Recipes from Taste of Home, including Blueberry Walnut Bars Recipe Pears Top 10 Skinny Ms crockpot recipes.

kiyoaki:  (vía Passion Fruit Cake | Kara Rosenlund)

Passion fruit (passion fruit cake recipe) by Kara Rosenlund.

Lanzones: The Lanzones fruit from The Philippines is seasonal, and usually only found in the southern islands. It grows and is sold in bunches that resemble grapes, but the Lanzones fruit is about twice the size. The yellowish skin is easy to peel, revealing a near translucent, segmented flesh underneath. The lanzones taste is almost akin to that of a grapefruit, though slightly less bitter, and not overflowing with juice.

Langsat in Malay /Lanzones - sweet and succulent little round fruits. The sweetest lanzones come from the province of Camiguin, where they hold an annual festival celebrating the lanzones fruit.

10 plantes originales pour rendre jaloux vos voisins !

decaisnea fargesii, "blue sausage fruit" or "dead man's fingers"


Seriguela, anacardiacea - América do sul

frutas mata atlântica

uvaia - rare ornamental brazilian fruit (eugenia pyriformis) from the myrtaceae family

fruits around the world

Marang: Artocarpus odoratissimus, It is native to Borneo, Palawan, and Mindanao Island

BBC Boracay says: "Mango - Manga. Different varieties all over the Philippines. Our children love Indian Mango, the green ones. The sweetest mangoes seems to come from Guimaras Island, IloIlo."

Philippine Mangoes ~ National Fruit of the Philippines