A maegi from Asshai /// Ekaterina Belinskaya - Elana Mitinskaya - stylist:hair:makeup Alisa Gagarina

A maegi from Asshai /// Ekaterina Belinskaya - Model - Elana Mitinskaya - stylist/hair/makeup : Alisa Gagarina .

~MC magazine shot by Vitor Shalom January 2012 | The House of Beccaria# #rococco return

Shoot from MC Magazine issue 33 Photographer: Vitor Shalom Stylist: Katharina Wipfler Beauty: Elisa Rampi


Fairytas red velvet dress and peacock headdress. I wanted to create an alien atmosphere but still beautiful and mesmerizing. Small version of the .

Something different.

ok, maybe not what i'm wearing to the supermarket today, but lovely lines

photo JEFFDIRTYFLAWS2_zpsd7d2d4d0.jpg

Theo Cafe Au Lait With Brown Feathers “Raven Steals The Sun”Photos By Jeff Elstone Head Dresses By Selina Elkuch & Taiana Sc.


Hey Jahn -- I see you wearing this. Midnight : Miss G Designs – Custom Feather Headpieces From California tribal headdress

Natural Horn Cuff

Natural Horn Cuff

Natural horn with a cubic zirconia stone inlaid in the center.

Honeycomb horn bracelet

Honeycomb Horn Bracelet

Honeycombs, Horns, In Style, Bee, Antlers, Horn, Bees

Horn Necklace

Circle of Life Horn Necklace

Natural horn rings linked together to make a strong statement.

Seventies Horn Bracelets

Sevensies Horn Bracelets - Set

A set of seven natural horn bangle bracelets. Each has four small cubic zirconia stones inlaid for an extra something special.