Steve McCurry

Kid Soldier Photo Shoots

Afganistan "Photographing children in Afganistan, taking my vision world-wide.  Would I want to miss this?"

k-a-t-i-e-: Afghanistan, 1991 Steve of children from this region always make me feel melancholy because of what I see in the eyes of the little ones.

Afghan Children

afghanistan: Wakhis outside in Sarhad, the first village coming down from the Little Pamir .Winter expedition through the Wakhan Corridor and into the Afghan Pamir mountains, to document the life of the Afghan Kyrgyz tribe.

Steve McCurry

Little girl with big, lined eyes in Kandahar, Afghanistan - (Photo by Steve McCurry )

Me la encontre jugando en la web. Mis ojos descansaron mientras la observe. Solte el mouse por un momento y respire.

Peruvian girl dress in traditional dress Bolivia ~ this is so happy