Oh Thorne

😂😂No Thorne looks with the laser pointing out of painted make ladys eye on his ship lol jkjkjk😂😂

Crossover of my fave fandoms Source: kindasortaameyzing tumblr (my spelling my be wrong)

Crossover of my fave fandoms! << disregard that swearing hashtag *angry blobfish face*

*shoves books in persons face* READ THEM AND CRY WITH ME <--- *manipulates bioelectricity* Don't you want to read them?

*shoves books in persons face* READ THEM AND CRY WITH ME>>> *stares at the person's face* *sees no tears* Have you no human emotion?

All of my friends in band say this all of the time which is why.... JOHN CENNNNAAAAA!

<< one of my band friends knows how to play his theme song on tenor sax and it happens frequently and i don't even question it anymore

I love Scarlett, she is amazing.

Scarlet text posts wolflet<<< what is this quoting? I figured it out in my own! It's quoting the Vampire diaries! Jeremy says the first part and Damon says the second.