The Selection

:D My take on some of the characters from the Selection series. from left to right: America, Maxon, Anne, Mary, Lucy and Aspen

Eadlyn with Kaden and Osten in the Crown.

the-selection-addicted: “andiree: “ Sketch of a scene from The Crown when Eadlyn, Osten, and Kaden take a nap together.

That's probably how it went in the whole series:D:D:D♥

I'm sorry but I was so happy when King Clarkson died. I was sad about Queen Amberly though. She seemed like a great person so I don't know how she could love King Clarkson, or if she ever really even did. Excited to read The Queen to find out.

The One and The Heir, America and her daughter Eadlyn Schreave :)

Princess Eadlyn Schreave and her mom, Queen America Schreave when they are