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I bet some are getting na little green around the gills from all these color puns.

"This entire conversation is the exact reason why I quit drugs."

"This entire conversation is the exact reason why I quit drugs.

There's no krill in the ocean!

Whale: There is no krill in the ocean *teenage girl noise*

The violent thoughts are r just in my head, the rest are what comes out of my mouth

My daily inner contradictions

Lost in translation

lost in translation

I'm torn between laughing or  saying "no duh"

fun fact, this is amazing

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Have you been stabbed? Oh yah definitely.

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Oh my god calm down satan

We faught the law and the law... lost

Law teacher defeated the law

If you know me you know it's true

Questioning their sexual orientation.

17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

Well America is far away

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this fucking cup of leaf water

this fucking cup of leaf water<<< leaf juice

I'm not gay; I just think this is fantastic. ☺c

I never bring up that I’m asexual until they assume that I’m a lesbian or bi or straight (people assume my sexuality a LOT) and I have to explain that I am not attracted to people

"I did it to protect you" "I don't want to hurt you" "Do you trust me?" "I didn't ask for this" The list goes on

"I don't wanna hurt you" "I really did care for you" *girls dreams get crushed: lays on bed then tears poster off her bedroom wall*