Niesoki forgot how to spell it

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Sure, it hurts when bad things ruin your happiness, but wasn't it so amazing when you were happy? Why cut it out of your life and be depressed all the time? Why not be happy and depressed? Depression shouldn't be the emotion taking over your life. Be happy. Let yourself be happy.

I'd rather be content, single and with great friends I can count on than to allow myself the possibility of being hurt by someone I try to care for.

متعب أن تكون شخصاً طبيعياً لا إنه ممل  Tokyo Ghoul

Firet couple seconds- personal pose-- star boy starts playing-- creepy as shit zoom transition to mass blood bendeing scene.-- zuztara scene of fingers bending down.- lightning flashes of au selfs

nisekoi...that part hahaahha

This describes the relationship between me and my best friend perfectly.

'And you just can't stand the reality or sadness anymore so that you'd wish to die as soon as possible,' -Kazaya

Charlotte - Otosaka Yuu Anime is really amazing. Its the only series/movies that made me cry.

Yup. To be honest, without music I would probably by crying more than I already do

If I don't listen to music, I feel like I've lost a part of myself, and I totally feel myself complete when I'm listening to Music. I say this every time after tge Music is over : "I can die happily now".

so true actually instead of love i would rather say anime/manga

so true actually instead of love i would rather say oxygen anime My computer games food snaks and manga. Who the hell cares about love 😒😊