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This is probably what my child would look like, that would probably be the kind of red hair she& have. A mixture of fiery red from me and dirty blonde from my husband. She& so beautiful!

⊰✿Ta dívčí, co ji znám, je má bílá princezna, jinou už na tom světě nehledám...

Your character gets up one morning and finds a little six year old girl sitting on the dock outside your house. When you approach her, she turns and looks up at you, completely silent, and you can see long white scars on her throat.

Touch of color

Children's Day Special: Cute little Baby Girls

Write as much as you can for 10 minutes. Use the following words somewhere in your draft: 1) leap, 2) crisp or crunch, 3) autumn.

Jumping in leaf piles. If I close my eyes and think, I can still smell the smell of the wet, decaying leaves. God, I just loved jumping in leaves or hiding in a leaf pile and scaring my friends. Do kids even do that anymore?