This little sun catcher now hangs in my kitchen window. It’s been a delight for me to have it there–just a little something else to look at while I’m working. This is a great patt…

I have a tendency to design patterns that are very dense. I love interesting negative space, but I have a hard time designing it. I just let myself go with this design so it’s pretty snug, bu…

For the last ten years, I’ve been creating a new tatting pattern once a month for the Be-stitchedstore newsletter, During that time, I have posted many of them here for anybody to enjoy.

snowy's tatting: My "Go to" pattern

Sharon asked us what we would choose as our most frequent or favourite pattern that we always return to, and what it is that makes it our.


"Tatted Cat" from McCall's Needlework Fall-Winter by Carolyn Groves

tatt3r's lacystuff: Tatted Bookmark - Gertrude's Pattern  [GT: zig-zag heart edging doubled as bookmark]

Tatted Bookmark - Gertrude's Pattern (half of it could be an edging)

Entre revistas y la web - Carmen Alvarado - Веб-альбомы Picasa

Tatting: Introducing the Celtic Knotted Picot -- a Celtic Style Picot Instructions & Diagrams by Sabina Carden-Madden ©May 2005

Tatted Doily 2009 row 3

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Instructions: ds double stitch R ring p picot sp small picot lp long picot j join Ch Chain Round 1 R: p) 5 times close, tur.

タティングレースのこと|Tiny Flowers* にゃんことてしごと ~猫とタティングレース~ -3ページ目

タティングレースのこと|Tiny Flowers* にゃんことてしごと ~猫とタティングレース~ -3ページ目

Tatted rose star de Be-stiched

This is the medallion that I will be putting in the center of my Hoffman Challenge quilt this year. My quilt is based on the number so 5 and multiples of it are big in this medallion as well.