This little sun catcher now hangs in my kitchen window. It’s been a delight for me to have it there–just a little something else to look at while I’m working. This is a great patt…

Le Blog de Frivole: Small Pumpkin

I was looking for a small pumpkin pattern. Doodled for a while thinking I'd come up with my own. then I happened upon Mark Myers' Apple p.

Tatted Bracelet

This bracelet actually started as my husband’s idea. He explained his idea for making a necklace, and I had every intention of making it. But as I worked on the idea, I decided a bracelet wou…

Tatted Doily 2009 row 3

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The Archive of Tatting Books in the Public Domain

Tatted gloves in mignonette pattern from The Archive of Tatting Books in the Public Domain, Tatting by Penelope Book 2 page 6

snowy's tatting: My "Go to" pattern

Sharon asked us what we would choose as our most frequent or favourite pattern that we always return to, and what it is that makes it our.