A Beauty and the Beast poster in Art Déco retro style. Beauty and the Beast Art Deco poster

Blanche Neige et les Sept Nains

Les affiches Disney Art déco de David G. Ferrero (partie 2)

Minimalist Disney Posters

Minimalist Disney Movie Posters - I think Jungle Book and Snow White are the best ones but they're all really well done


Así son tus carteles Disney favoritos en versión Art Déco

These 12 Amazing Art Déco Disney Poster's Bring a Whole New World of Glamour!


Les affiches Disney Art déco de David G. Ferrero (partie 2)

Apparently Brandon came around and took them to see the older version of the Jungle Book Disney released to celebrate the new movie. “I didn’t think I would like it,” Phoebe tells us in between bites of her pastry and sips of her orange juice. “But I really did.” “He promised to take us to see the new one when it comes out,” Teddy says. “Great,” Ana and I say together.  We look at each other. Hopefully the fact that she and I are waiting to hear if they like Brandon or not isn’t too obvious.

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Sword in the Stone: the last animated Disney movie to come out before Walt Disney's death :(

The Sword in the Stone USA Walt Disney Animation. The last animated Disney movie to be released before Walt Disney's death.