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Kiwi postage stamp - old currency - 1 Penny !! Kiwi: overprinted 'Official', issued March 1936  New Zealand has more varieties of flightless birds than any other country, & the kiwi is one.  The bird is unique - its nostrils are placed at the end of its beak & its nasal passage is more complicated than that of any other bird.  Although most bird's sense of smell is usually small, that of the kiwi's is high.  It is nocturnal, issues loud whistling cry, & sniffs audibly when hunting food.

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DDR, Deutsche Demokratische Republik (East Germany) Postage Stamp with Rooster

1959 Czechoslovakian postage stamp designed by  Karel Svolinsky and engraved by Jirka Ladislav

1959 Czechoslovakian postage stamps designed by painter, illustrator, lettering artist, teacher and stage designer Karel Svolinsky and engraved by Jirka Ladislav

Monaco Postage Stamp: Semaines en Ballon

Monaco Postage Stamp Semaines en Ballon" (c. part of the Jules Verne anniversary series. via Vintage Postage Stamps

Israel Postage Stamp: Dimona-Oron Railway, c. 1970, designed by O & E Schwarz. via Karen Horton.

Israel Postage Stamp: Dimona-Oron Railway catalog c. 1970 “Inauguration of the railway Dimona-Oron” Designed by O & E Schwarz

Te enviaré una carta desde Mongolia

Another one from the Children's Day issue in Mongolia. This is a young girl with a ribbon. Children in Mongolia in those days were so easy to please.


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New Zealand Fantail bird stamp Google Image Result for http://www.teara.govt.nz/files/ps12491nzp.jpg

The Piwakawaka

New Zealand, penny. This stamp depicts the fantail (or 'piwakawaka' in Maori) bird. The bird's name derives from its beautiful tail of twelve feathers, which broadly expands as the bird flits about.

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Globe Flower Art Print by Jeelan Clark

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15 DIY Little and Clever Storage Hacks and Ideas 2

15 DIY Little and Clever Storage Hacks and Ideas 2

Lot of 300 Vintage and Modern Canceled Postage Stamps by misschief

Lot of 300 Vintage and Modern Canceled Postage Stamps - All Countries

These stamps are vintage postal stamps there are over 300 stamps here i like this picture because theirs loads of different styles of stamps