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Jorah in 3D

These are the perfect game of thrones costumes if you're thinking about being Jon Snow, Melisandre or Daenerys for Halloween this year.

Jorah Mormont ♥ | Game of Thrones

bythepowercosmic: "I’ve been by your side longer than any of them, Khaleesi. Let me stand by your side today as well." Game of thrones Jorah Mormont Lord Friendzone

Game of Thrones / Lain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont ⚔️

Reading history all we care is learn from pass, not how the story will developt the next chapter, may the history improve people thought, not build barrier.

Iain Glen/Jorah Mormont. That pose!!;) <3 <3

jorleesi: “There Definitely Is NOT Enough Bear On My DASH I need a kiss now! THANKS Gosh what a beautiful fella… Some more? okayyyy Oh look he’s reading (maybe Dany wanted him to read her shopping.