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Women in Ancient Greece wore garments usually made of wool. These pieces were folded at one end and then wrapped around the wearer and also pinned with fibulas. Women wore chitons, a garment that was unisex. A peplos was also worn by women which was very similar to the chiton. A himation was also added for coverage and a veil was worn by the woman if she was going out in public. The veil was worn as a symbol of modesty and respect.

Dibujo para colorear mujeres griegas. Ilustración - Imágenes para escuelas y educación: mujeres griegas - Img

Hello, I am Princess Demeia. I am 18 years old, but I am not from this city. I am the princess of another town in Greece, but sadly my parents passed away and the town was overtaken and destroyed. My parents were very close friends with the King and Queen of this town, and they took me in. I know the proper techniques that a princess should know, but I have a curious mind and I tend to get myself into trouble quite a bit.

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