Ionic chiton. Love love love that fabric!

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Brighid - Celtic Goddess of hearth and home, fertility, smithcraft, and healing…                                                                                                                                                     Más

Los 42 vestidos más míticos del cine y la televisión

fashion-in-film: “ Tristan & Isolde, 2006 Costume design: Maurizio Millenotti Roman & Celtic-influenced beige wedding gown with hand-stitched gold embroidery & beading, oversized floor-length crepe.

Channel 5 'Tut' costumes - Instagram photo taken by SPIKE - INK361

Suhad and Ankhe await you, because a special encore presentation of feat. all six hours is on tonight starting at

Ancient Chinese fashion and costumes seen in period drama and films. 'The Empress of China' Fan Bing Bing and Aarif Lee #chinesecelebrities

'The Empress of China' ~ Tang Dynasty? If I know my history correct … Really want to watch this! Someone sub it please, I'll even accept a dubbed version!