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Maria Alexandrovna, Empress of Russia, Ivan Makarov, c.1840

Portrait of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna future Empress of Russia, Makarov, Ivan Kosmich Found in the collection of the State Art Museum of the Dagestan Republic, Makhatchkala.

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. 1830. artist Makovsky

Franz Kruger - Empress Alexandra Feodorovna after 1836 - State historical museum, Moscow. This is a much copied portrait of the empress

Фёдор Степанович Рокотов (1730-е - 1808).

Фёдор Степанович Рокотов (1730-е - 1808).

Portrait of Catherine II The Great Russian Empress

Catherine II, the Empress of Russia, by Vladimir Borovikovskiy. Catherine is posing in her coronation gown wearing the grand crown made by Jeremiya Pozie. Her dress, crown and regalia are kept in the Diamond Fund, Moscow Kremlin.

Adini-Nikolaevna: "" De modieuze Britse kunstenaar (Christina Robertson) schilderde op zijn beurt de hele keizerlijke familie in volle lengte en ontving voor die in het gebied van honderdduizend zilveren roebel. Van de keizerin Alexandra Fjodorovna ,, die was ...

Christina Robertson Portrait of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna - Christina Robertson, painting Authorized official website

Duchesse de la Mona Lisa

Portrait of Elizabeth I. Particular interested in Sleeve details and structure

"Anna Orzelska with a Pug", Antoine Pesne, ca. 1728; National Museum of Warsaw, Nieborów Palace

1728 Anna Karolina Orzelska, the illegitemate daughter of Augustus II of Saxony and Poland, is shown in a blue dress with silver trimmings. Anna was an ‘adventuress’ (was there ever a more evocative description) known for her be

Catherine II of Russia by Nikolai Argunov,1780

Catherine II (Catherine the Great) in the Russian national costume, by anonymous artist (after) Stefano Torelli .

Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia in court dress | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Grand Duchess Tatiana Romanova of Russia in court dress. She is now Saint Tatiana of the Russian Orthodox Church. She was assasinated at age 21 together with her family.

Caroline di Monaco e Stefano Casiraghi - Matrimoni Reali - alfemminile.com

Stefano Casiraghi with his wife Princess Caroline of Monaco & their children Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre Casiraghi. Tragically, Stefano died in 1990 in a speed boat racing accident.

SM a Rainha Carlota Joaquina de Portugal. Foi uma Infanta de Espanha e mais tarde Rainha de Portugal (1816-1826) e esposa de SMF o El-Rei D. João VI de Portugal e dos Algarves.Artista:Mariano Salvador Maella, 1785  Editorial: Real Lidador Portugal Autor: Rui Miguel

Mariano Salvador Maella — Carlota Joaquina de Bourbon, Queen of Portugal and Princess of Spain