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Dracooooo :D <3

Hey guys guess what? The dark side finally has Draco Malfoy! I met him yesterday at the super awesome super dark side met-n-greet

This Is So True!!!

I want to date a guy with bleach blonde hair so I can pretend he is Draco Malfoy

Seriously this book killed me (I was crying by page

Happy 37th birthday Draco Malfoy! June 5th

One month before Harry's.

Tom Felton (GIF)

Tom Felton is awesome! He brought the amazing Draco Malfoy to life! So lets appreciate everyone's true favourite character :)

Tom, Matt, and Bonnie

I will now only play if it's "Snog, Marry, and Stupefy" {Awesomeness!}(but seriously Tom, marry Lavender?

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I would have just listened to the first thing he said

I hate how they cut out the scene where he throws his wand to Harry. I mean, yes he runs to his parents. But he does help the light side.

And he probably would have had his mom not called him I mean he looks so distraught about it and slightly shook his head when his dad called but when Narcissa called he looked down and went. This makes me kind of mad about Narcissa, but then i like her so

He is awesome, ijs.

Not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I found super funny!

slytherin harry potter - Google Search

slytherin harry potter - Google Search

thank you Harry Potter characters

Spells>>>I could tell when every single one of these was

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your life special! Harry Potter spells < Very handy. Except I don't really consider a broken nose "a minor injury.

future me

hi-john-im-alive: “ the-fury-of-a-time-lord: “ Millions of middle aged men and women will dust off the old toy wands the browning pages of books long forgotten strange cloaks, black rimmed glasses that havent been worn in decades and those men and.



All About Draco Malfoy Mobile:

Harry Potter "All about. Draco Malfoy" Infographic on Pottermore.

I can name a few people... like myself, for example.

Still the hottest true blood wizard