Interiors - June/July 2014.

PIN Outdoor firepit and concrete bench, outdoor seating, built in seating, seat wall. What a great use of concrete very durable to the elements and adding cushions just softens it.

Na, das nenn ich mal ein Pflaster! Quelle:

Gorgeous peacock pebble mosaic walkway at the Victorian aviary garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. THIS IS ART.

cover running water in concrete with clear acrylic, LED lighting underneath for glowing, rippling water at night

criss-crossing rills, sculpted in granite slabs, run down to the shadow pool Tom Hoblyn’s Homebase Cornish Memories Garden / Chelsea 2011

Een erfafscheiding van houten palen. Stem op de poll:

G House / Bruce Stafford & Associates

Plant ferns for a suitable transition. How to soften borders and create appropriate transitions between spaces is a common garden dilemma. Since ferns range in height from 6 inches to more than 6 feet, they can be invaluable in this regard. This garden shows how beautifully ferns can ease the transition between hardscaping and a forested area.

Swimming pool with nice organic curves, natural stone and a beautiful little waterfall, all nestled in to lush ferns and forest. From: 63 Relaxing Garden And Backyard Waterfalls

Schwimmteich Pool The pups can happily run around the perimeter to cool themselves !