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The baby's face lmao

Disorder in the American Courts

I would make a bad court reporter .d NEVER keep a straight face.How do court reporters keep straight faces?

I guess I will can't ride my Elephant to Florida...drat...10 dumb laws in the USA

10 dumb laws in the USA

10 dumb laws in the USA. Seriously, I wish they would post the stories on what happened to require laws like these to be enforced. Also I would like to move to Virginia

Meanwhile in Australia...

Meanwhile In Australia Collection. So yeah, never going to Australia.

Dad Recreates Daughter's Pictures

Dad recreated his daughter's selfies

Creepy Dolls - Imgur

Creepy Dolls

The Greatest Ongoing Prank Between 2 Brothers… Brilliant! I love sibling pranks! But the best is when my brother and I gang upon my mum!


Oh how I love Peeta :) I definitely volunteer

How this Dad makes his kids' lunch bags

Awesome Dad Is Awesome

dad draws on kids' lunch bags Awesome dad is awesome

Blinded by Cool...LMAO!!!!!

He should invent something that goes on your head and has an awning like thing on it to shade your face. He'd make millions.

SO funny and bet it stops the argument. Love the look on her face, big 'ol AND WHAT LOL

Lol i love this idea. - Whenever we get into a heated argument, my wife stops mid argument to take a selfie with me, I'm never amused

Ahahaha. If The Notebook was all about Paula Deen falling in love with a block of butter, it might actually be a watchable film.

Butter is EVERYTHING. Butter controls time and space, love and death! Butter can see into your mind! Butter can see into your sooooouuuuuulllll!

brides maids movie quotes | Bridesmaids (2011) Quote (About grease up fight club female fight club ...

bridesmaid Melissa McCarthy - absolutely LOVEDD her in this movie!

Hilarious Text About Booty

Hilarious Text About Booty


Spencer only has a smoothie. No ostrich, just a smoothie

Netflix understands me.

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics

Morning Funny Picture Dump 34 Pics