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Morgana Pendragon You kind of end up just feeling bad for her.  She lived in constant fear and hate.

-Titus But you don't have to be! I so badly wanted a properly clearly bad bad guy that I've ruined your life and you're just a character!


Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I have no one left to be loyal to. Why i could never truly hate morgana

Кэти МакГрат (Katie McGrath)

She can shine so bright in the darkness but afterwhile she gets tired of trying to be only light that she gives into the darkness because she feels everyone betrayed her including her own father.<<Morgana's story is the saddest of all.

Dear Dollophead (tumblr) excuse me while I go cry now

Dear Dollophead, Sometimes I wish there was a way of getting these letters to you. The only problem is, I don't think the Sidhe make the best messengers.