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{FC: Leda Muir} Hi. I'm Leda, I'm I'm kind of quiet, so I apologize in advance for that but um. I'm really good at art (drawing and painting) and I'm kind of socially awkward so I apologize for that as well.

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hello i'm Lana i'm Lola's little sister i'm shy and tend to stay in my catform cause i hate people they usually think i'm odd and it doesnt help our only friends though they have powers believe all things can be summed through science

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martwe-mysli: “ ✖ The Leda Bunny ✖ inspiration ✖ purple hair ✖ pastel goth ” Beautiful pastel goth style inspiration Learn more about the types of Gothic fashion here Más

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Wow so stunning babe in this lavender wig Look at the natural hairline How do you like the color girls?


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Inspiring image alt girl, dyed hair, grey hair, silver hair by kristy_d - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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Scene hair "that you can mend a heart that's frail and torn. G-d bless you all. I am loving you, and so is G-d in heaven for all of eternity.

{Fc: Lefabulouskilljoy} H-hi. I'm Kat. I'm 17. I'm r-really shy and awkward. I'm addicted to s-self harm and music. Single. I-introduce if you want.

{Fc: Lefabulouskilljoy} H-hi. I'm Kat. I'm I'm r-really shy and awkward. I'm addicted to s-self harm and music. I-introduce if you want.