Adoptable Auction 01 (open) by faluu on deviantART

AHHH HI GUYS sorry it's been a long time since I posted anything Eversince TH though I got really excited over adoptables so I'm going to try this.

How to train you dragon concept art Foxi Loxy's Den: The Art of Kenya Danino (So the only reasonable way I saw fit to calm my.

Dionne by Tale of the Two Brothers

thetaleofthetwobrothers: “Introducing the main saemians (saemains? Altan, Kubilay, Dionne, Sheschma and Chiya-Ri o/ Omenns will be posted tomorrow!

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Someone asked for clocks.

thirdpartyoutsider: pamikoo: Someone asked for clocks. I’d be happier if Clock-girls became popular instead of jet-girls.