Peterskirche, Salzburg

Peterskirche, Salzburg ~ this altar is even more spectacular when the sun shines in the windows just right so that it illuminates the golden figures seen at the bottom of this picture -- have seen it like that and it's breathtakingly beautiful.

Salzburg Cathedral interior

Salzburg Cathedral interior

Salzburg, Austria - sang in the Sound of Music Church with the Heinz Chapel Choir

St Peter's - Salzburg, Austria | Destinations Planet

St Peter's Cemetery - Salzburg, Austria A lovely cemetery in a favorite city to walk both sides of the is next to Dom zu Salzburg.


I recommend the Monk/Monastery Beer and the Sound of Music tour. they were "a few of my favorite things" Probably my favorite place I have ever been to!

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Things to Do in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Dom (Cathedral), Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Cathedral - Salzburg, Austria Where Mozart was baptized, and the city where I got engaged.

Salzburg, Austria

Castle Salzburgo Austria, spent a wonderfull Christmas vacation here with my family