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Nope, nope, only beautiful psychos are acceptable... We female otaku are of a very shallow world.

Anime psycho guys ❤<<< this just made me evil laugh then cry bc of lulouch and light

I see Ciel and Marie. I am content.

Who are these people? I know Ciel, Lavi, and some guy from FMA, but who are the rest?

Hahaha! (Death Note, Code Geass) I prefer Light bc I'm too evil for Lelouch

(Death Note, Code Geass) I prefer Zero bc I Ship him toooo hard

Don't forget Harui, Ronka, I think Francis, Hideyoshi, whatever the heck the boy band from sailor moon is, and purti purti prisoner.

The Basic Genders of Anime. But Grell is a male, but wishes to be female; Haku is a male, but looks like a female; Crona doesn't have a gender; and, in my opinion, Envy is male/female/no gender at the same time.

Soul Eater - Crona and Ragnarok Meme

Soul Eater - Crona and Ragnarok Meme Actuallyyyy. In the Anime Crona is a boy, in the manga Crona is a girlll