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Handheld games

Kids' Puzzles and Games: Kids Handheld Classic Pinball Games in Holiday Sale

Branding idea - print a fun set of pogs for your company + brand and collect them all.

Pog's were so much fun! I had the coolest slammer and pog board too, with all different color pog tubes to keep them together!

Polly Pocket!! I loved these!

I loved Polly Pocket's when I was a kid! This is how i remember polly pockets.

Had beauty and the beast game

A couple of the best things from being a little girl in the The Beauty&The Beast game and The Little Mermaid game were my favorite car ride time killers. I kinda still miss those things!

MERLIN...I forgot all about Merlin!! Incorporate childhood toys into your growing up 'movies!'

Merlin game with sounds and red lights. I remember playing this thing a lot in the Such high tech! One of my first electronic games!

I remember going to Block Buster on the weekends with my parents looking for a tape to rent

You were a kid in the if. you remember renting VHS tapes, not DVDs. (You were a kid in the if you remember renting DVDs, not going to Nextflix. >Be Kind, Please Rewind!

DIY Target stand - built 2 with supplies from local Big Box store.  Easy.  Big time helps with target training.  Do it.  You'll love it.

Where I go shooting, the target stands are sometimes less than usable.I recently saw an article in gun rag about making a target stand out of PVC pipe, and