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Africa | "Zig-zag" figure from the Bamana people of Mali | This type has recently been identified as a headdress accompanying ton performances of a dance known as nama tyétyé | Prior to 1960

Africa Mask "Nwantantay" from the Bwa people of Burkina Faso Wood with pigment Early century

Headdress: Hyena (Nama Tyétyé) century Geography: Mali, Koutiala region Culture: Bamana peoples Medium: Wood, metal, cane, cotton string Dimensions: H.

Naima ~ Keith Mallett

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Bamana Ntomo Mask, Mali

Bamana Chi Wara (Male Vertical Antelope) Headdress, Mali

Wooden Hair Comb (Duafe) from Ghana, the Akan peoples, century, in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Senufo peoples, 19th–mid-20th century, Folona region, Mali. H. 12 1/2 in. The Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Africa | Figure from the Mumuye people of Nigeria | Wood, glass beads, natural fiber | ca. prior to 1980