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Yo Soy Afro-Boricua~ Proud to be a little bit of everything:)

started out life as a pretty baby and learned to be a pretty girl from my pretty mother.I grew my hair long and hid behind it for the first years of my adolescence. This was when I learned to be invisible.

Taino woman.  Indians native to the caribbean, mostly in PUERTO RICO and the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Indigenous Taino people of the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus stated that these natives resembled the indigenous and now extinct Guanches of the Canary Islands

Culantro / Eryngo | Notatnik kuchenny (w budowie)

Puerto Ricans call it RECAITO, RECAO. Nicaraguans call it culantro. Tastes like cilantro, but this is a completely different plant.

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I remember so many palm trees looking that way. I guess they are looking for the best way out!   Puerto Rico

El cielo era esto

Bene Casa Plantain Smasher Tostonera-- to make fried green plantains ( tostones)

We at Branded Kitchen offer Plantain smasher tostonera; Double hinge gives good durability. Made form pine wood. Makes pressing plantains or dough easy.

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Calabaza [Cucurbita Moschata] - Culinary vegetable; used in some desserts

pumpkin used in everything - thickens soups, high in vitamins, put in beans, curries

"BoricuaKids, History of Puerto Rico for Children" A short history of Puerto Rico #puertorico #caribbean #history

Puerto Rican Studies for Children. Favorite children's songs including Naranja Dulce, Mi Escuelita, and Mambru.

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