help i accidentally set my dog on fire

Okay so it says, "I accidentally set My dog on fire," but the top answer Says, "help I accidentally built a shelf. Please forgive me! But I need help Because I accidentally built a shelf!

Elsa just build the snowman! You can make it in your room, open your door, and then shove him out for Anna to play with. Seriously.

funny disney snowman meme pun i just had to pls The Shining jack anna frozen hans Shining sven here's johnny im so sorry elsa olaf do you wanna build a snowman

Oh Rhett and Link, I don't think they will ever not make me laugh to tears. ^_^ THIS is both of my biggest current fandoms put together. Could it get better? no, I don't think so

This is what happens when Rhett and Link meet Doctor Who

There's no riddle that can't be solved! Test your skills in Diggy's Adventure!

Mystery and hidden treasure lurk in this a-MAZE-ing puzzle game. Click the pin for free samples!

Interesting, but I'm more intrigued by the fact the guy is somehow holding a coffee cup with one toe...

It’s really something to think about…

I would laugh so hard Yep! I'm not sure why this made me laugh so hard. this made me laugh

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People Only Eat Oreos for the Cream Anyway - Posted in Funny, Troll comics and LOL Images - LOL Heaven

People Only Eat Oreos for the Cream Anyway - Posted in Funny, Troll comics and…