Arabian Picasso triggerfish. Caption: Arabian Picasso triggerfish (Rhinecanthus assasi). The Arabian Picasso triggerfish is found in shallow, sandy areas of coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean. It feeds on small invertebrates, such as crustaceans, and may reach a length of 30 centimetres. Photographed in the Red Sea, Egypt.

Arabian Picasso triggerfish - Stock Image C001/7207

Arabian Picasso Triggerfish - check out those orange eyes!

peixes exóticos -

Top 5 Most Beautiful Fish in the World ~ The Amazing Facts and Interesting News

Picasso Triggerfish

/ Photo Picasso Triggerfish by Paul Colley

Night dive at Selayar Indonesia - ©Markus Zehnder (grufti57) -

Night Dive at Selayar Indonesia.

Trumpet fish, red sea.

Trumpet fish, red sea what the fuck!



Coral Beauty-A small angelfish, usually available at your local pet store, they really are a fish one needs to see in person to have a full appreciation of their color. These fish are usually keepable in any marine aquarium and are very hardy.

Angel Coral Beauty (Centropyge bispinosus) also known as Dusky Angelfish, Two Spined Angel Fish

Picasso Trigger Fish | | Flickr

Picasso Trigger Fish | | Flickr

Vittoria accidently turned one of her underwater photographs into a negative and, pleased with the transformation, decided to do the same with her collection of 45 images. (Banggai cardinal fish)


Blenny with a big personality makes a colorful fashion statement by Kevin Lee

Longnosed Hawkfish

Longnosed Hawkfish

Picasso fish

HumuhumuNukunukuApua'a, or Picasso Triggerfish for short! This wonderful name is for the Hawaiian State Fish.



Electric colors of a Toby

Here's looking at you kid!

Picasso Trigger fish. Policeman fish, look at his blue policeman light on top of his head. :)

Policeman fish, look at his blue policeman light on top of his head.

banded sweetlips

diagonal banded sweetlips ✿ ღ¸.

aa9ac0d89329a61572edbe5737bfe32c.jpg (288×300)

aa9ac0d89329a61572edbe5737bfe32c.jpg (288×300)