Menara Airport, Marrakech: Here I come..........................................

World's Most Beautiful Airport Marrakech Menara Airport, Morocco Beauty Mark: There are 72 photovoltaic pyramids generating power on the roof.


Church of San Giovanni Battista, Mogno. The Church of San Giovanni Battista is located in the alpine village of Mogno in the Swiss canton of Ticino. It was built between 1994 and 1996 on the site of an older church, which was leveled by an avalanche in

Zaha Hadid, nacida en Bagdad en 1950, es un icono de la arquitectura contemporánea procedente de la corriente del DECONSTRUCTIVIS...

Guangzhou Opera House - Guangzhou, China - Zaha Habib a female architect from Iraq. One of the most important architects working today!

"486 Mina el HosnBeirut", Lebanon. 3D rendering.

In Arabic architecture light (and shadow) play such an important role in making the impact of a space. Later in the day the sun will strike the fence on the left and will make a totally different patterned shadowplay. 486 Mina El Hosn by LAN Architecture.