Summer Manicures

LOVE palm trees my sister told me a joke, " why did the boy put soil in his hand? To grow a palm tree!

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Don't spend your town thinking or browsing cause we collected the Top 15 Summer Nail Art Ideas that are so trendy, fun and glamorous you will die to try them

This is too cute, except for the anchors. I would probably leave those off. Love the chevron though.

The Best Makeup: Splurges vs Steals

coral and white anchors and zig zag nails manicure. I'd leave out the anchor

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One of summer trends 2015 is a combination of nail design in different shades of yellow and green colors. In the hottest days pastel lemon-mint manicure wi

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Nails play a crucial role on women’s look. Not solely they will build your hands sparkle, however they will really show that you simply care concerning your appearance.And for this spring/summer bright color nails area unit a large trend.