By Darek Zabrocki

Here is next card I did for Lord of The Rings Card game. I have many many more to be posted so please stay tuned DD Fantasy Flight Gam. Passing by

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A fairytale palace is a girl’s dream come true. Ever since they are little, girls dream of the perfect house with perfect decorations and perfect details that would make their living amazing

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) » Weta Workshop

Weta's put a huge amount of concept art from The Battle of the Five Armies. The level of detail going into the costumes, weapons, and fight scenes is simply incredible.

LOTR The Wall is Breached by AnthonyDevine on DeviantArt

Just one of the cards I painted waaaayyyyy last year sometime for The LOTR: The Treason of Saruman. Art Director: Deb Freytag © 2014 Fantasy F. LOTR The Wall is Breached

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A beautiful art of Hiccup and the gang traveling someplace in the island of Berk.

Concept art from BOTFA Appendices for the Battle of Dale during the War of the Ring

Dain II Ironfoot defending the body of Brand from Easterlings. Battle of Dale, War of the Ring.