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The Premier issue of PULP Magazine is out now to read online filled with some seriously breathtaking editorials, showing raw edge talent .

Love this! Dark Beauty Magazine

love this dark dreamy pic! especially the orbs

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Jessica Gonzalez for Dark Beauty Magazine

Digital Issue 49 **We no longer offer print editions**  Features in this issue include Plastik Wrap, Hades Footwear, Sophi Reaptress, article on Urban Exploring, interview with artist Sophia Rapata, Youtube star Adora Batbrat, author Alys Arden, photographer Annie Bertram, Style feature with Drastique and more. Plus reviews and staff picks!  Music interviews with Motionless In White, Combichrist and Ayria.

goth An Interview with model Katrin Lanfire & photographer Lena Berkas The fairytale beauty on the cover of Issue 49 is Katrin Lanfire, a versatile gothic model from the Ukraine. Lena Berkas is the lady in charge of the s.

I'm Night. You can very well see me because of the darkness in the sky or moon. But, this is my human form. As you can see.

Wylona Hayashi has THE best Nu Goth style.

blitz/kids/80s/new romantic - Google Search

blitz/kids/80s/new romantic - Google Search


my kinda girls

Issue 48 now available We're excited to announce the release of Issue 48!  Here are a few features in this issue you won't want to miss...  [h1]Queen of Darkness[/h1]Quee...  #badpollyanna #eyeshadowmakeuptips #heavyred #midnightsyndicate #queenofdarkness #redqueen #ukgoths #williambasso

Gothic Beauty Magazine Issue 48 Music interviews with Red Queen, Bad Pollyanna and Midnight Syndicate

80s goths - Google Search

80s goths - Google Search

Here is a photo of Nevan's girlfriend - the only blonde in the group of friends he has.

Jez, Seattle, Early looking awesome