Russian Vityaz ELITE (Museum) Soldier: Chess Set "War of Roses"
Russian Vityaz ELITE (Museum) Soldier: Chess Set "War of Roses"
Investigaciones recientes han demostrado que estos conjuntos fueron talladas en Brieze, Suiza. Juegos de este tipo son conocidos por su fina talla, y ésta ofrece peones individualizados en diferentes poses y vestidos. El título suizo Carlomagno es una denominación creada por la comunidad de recogida de ajedrez.
Russian Vityaz ELITE (Museum) Soldier: Chess Set "War of Roses"
Camelot Plain Theme Chess Set (Large)
Poroty Moshans s nábytkem art / Různé
Check Mate - By Gil Bruvel  #GilBruvel #Chess #Art
Prepare for battle and defend your kingdom with this intricate and breathtaking medieval-inspired chess set! The glass game board is held aloft by four towers of the castle, revealing the remains of p
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Шахматы из кости по мотивам книг Льюиса кэрролла (Chess made ​​of bone based on the books by Lewis Carroll)
The -Frazetta Chess Set- Commission for Heads or Tales Coin Co - This commission project was very hard, demanding and stressful.. I had to translate the most iconic paintings of Frazetta´s in to Chess Pieces,.. .. My only goal was to make justice to the paintings. It took some time.. but i think it was worth it.. or at least i wish that..
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