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Ивелина Никова Скъпи татко Ти беше строг, но справедлив и ме обичаше аз зная много. Ти беше добър, но мълчалив, научи ме като тебе да се боря. Заръчваше ми да бъда добра, да не забравям бащиния дом. Когато ме застигне зла беда да откривам в него подслон. Съветваше ме да съм разумна, да не се отказвам лесно, да градя. И станах като теб ранобудна, отговорна, твърда, силна, горда. За всички грешки прощавай, скъпи татко, липсваш ми сега. Не бях близо до теб извинявай, не бях най-добрата дъщеря…

Photograph taken in Barcelona fantasy workshop taught by Rebeca Saray Model: Rebecca Evers Styling: Sewing Alassie Real Makeup: Sewing Alassie Real - steampunk accessories: Juanma Zombie Study and help during the workshop: Studio Space

deviantART: More Like Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic by ~FashionARTventures

shepherd-blaine: “ Steampunk Leather Pouch III by ~izasartshop This bag is perfect. I wish they made more things like this, and made them more accessible.

Steampunk goggles-these are the most intricate I have seen

Buy Steampunk Goggles Victorian Goth Industrial Brass LARP BROWN RED Lenses - Exclusively from Steampunkdesign at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Tie You Up by Frenchy and the Punk

Frenchy and the Punk A sultry, graceful, powerful French-born singer, percussionist and a fiery punk rock guitarist from the golden days of the hardcore scene blended their diverse talents .


Steampunk its more than an aesthetic tendency, it's the longing for the past that never was. In Steampunk Girls we display pictures, and illustrations of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and other anachronistic 'punks, some cosplay too!

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~ Lego Mocs ~ Steampunk ~ Pirates - motorized pirate airship: A LEGO® creation by Justin Fisher

skull mask $100.00, via Etsy.

No Honor skull mask, in the style of "Corvo" from the video game "Dishonored" NOW ON SALE!