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Guys texting and driving with their pets. | 35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai

35 Things You See Every Day In Dubai


30 Fotos de Dubai... La lujosa y extravagante vida que llevan los millonarios en esta ciudad

Dubai es diferente (5)

hermespocketsquare: “ meanwhile in dubai ” what if the car rolls off from either side…

This Is Why You Should Always Put On The Subtitles

Reminds me of watching TV with my best friend, Andrew. Pretty much deaf. Don& ever get his hearing aids wet.you& receive the glare of death x a million


Family on a motorcycle; baby in a bucket. I saw stuff like this every day when I was in Jakarta - crazy! I was always so sure i was going to see a little baby fall off a motorcycle.

Dubai is most popular and beautiful place.- NOTICE TO MY FOLLOWERS:I will have to stop pinning here soon, as Pinterest permits 200.000 pins as a whole and I will be reaching that limit soon.. I will start the same themes on new Pinterest Boards under my name. You are invited. Sorry to have to go. Thanks for following. Lucia Oller

Holidays in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai, one of United Arab Emirates’s most iconic travel destinations and home to an amazing array of sights, activities and events. Even first time visitors to Dubai will quickly be enthralled by how fun and fascinating Dubai really can be.

Christian the Lion

Funny pictures about The Story of Christian the Lion. Oh, and cool pics about The Story of Christian the Lion. Also, The Story of Christian the Lion photos.

the story: Mommy lost all her cubs and started to deteriorate so they wrapped piggles up in print and now she treats them as her own.touching I love animals so :)

Tall.Very Tall.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

look at the 3 light colored dots on the left of the pile.they repeat

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa

GOATS ON BICYCLES IN AFRICA~Interesting site of bicycle transportation & modifications in Africa.Ha, this is a goaty back, or a goat piggy back, lol!

Mr T at his best!

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr T's lap! The photo was taken in December of when Mr. T was invited to Washington to help the First Lady unveil the White House Christmas decorations. At the time Nancy Reagan was campaigning the just say no to drugs for kids.


Harvestman spider guarding her young. While these spiders are not at all dangerous to humans in terms of toxicity, they are famous for appearing in various places in cars and causing accidents.