Under Night In-Birth art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Bryan Wynia in the July issue of 3dcreative. Subscribe for just £23.99!

Senior Character Artist at Hi-Rez Studios’ Bryan Wynia reveals the processes behind his creature creations.

Keter - So sublime, incomprehensible, unknowable. The infinite, the stream from which Ein Soph is channeled. Pure consciousness, beyond all, timeless. The opening, a singularity from which the Sephirot are created.

Keter Art by Peter Mohrbacher Part of the Tree of Life for Angelarium. A surreal series of character portraits based on the Kabbalah.


Really intrigued by the idea of a monster / alien / creature that has muscle or skin covering and hiding an obviously predatory jaw.

Striker Print from The Art of Dominic Qwek

Striker Print

- Striker art print on baryta paper - x with inch white border - Hand signed and proofed by artist. - Ships in a sealed bag with backing board - Frame not included

They flash in and out of focus. Their bodies are solid flesh one second, then blurry fading masses in the next. "Something went wrong in their conception. A broken soul forced its self into a child's body and shattered the forming mind, driving them to madness. Do not try to help them, the only mercy we can offer is death."

40 Significant Examples of Conceptual Photography

Scott E. Detweiler Conceptual Photography art photoshop photo editing black and white b&w idea inspiration terrifying