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If u ever need a shoulder to cry on I'm here for u Nialler! Also if u need someone to make u food I'm an amazing cook!

You and me have that in common, Niall :)

We have so much in common Niall I eat ALL THE TIME speaking of which I kinda want food.<< Food would be nice something like pizza or ice cream.

I actually ship it and I'm not actually a Niall girl but at first I was one and it did hurt but there girl is great and I'm so happy for my baby boy

Im actually really happy about his new gf becuz real niall girls support him

dorks (x<<< Just like when liam said he had a strange fear of spoons and harry tried to scare him with his hand spoon thingy. Hahahaha-Naomi >>> ME: mom meet the guy i fell in love with :))))

Yeah how would they know that? That's a weird question, but Harry's face is priceless !

Liam is an angel, your argument is invalid.

Wanna say again that the fans are just a bunch of hormonal teenage girls that just like them for their attractiveness?

Haha Niall

Niall is me. I am Niall. We are one therefor we will be married


is amazing. we are the best fandom ever<<don't you mean the Bestest Fandom ?) >>>>> we are the bestest best fandom ever :)

This will literally be me at the concert, but my tears will be real

Zayn pretending to cry during Harry's solo hahah<<<zayn is me. except for the pretend part