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Cat & Moon Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Celticmagpie. Find other Cat & Moon pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free im.

Moon over Creepy Graveyard

Graveyards are commonly featured in gothic literature. They are abandoned place that have a creepy, spooky and mysterious atmosphere.

October’s Full Moon is popularly called the “Hunter’s Moon”. A Full Moon rising can be a dramatic celestial sight, and Full Moons can have many names. For example, October’s Full Moon is popularly called the “Hunter’s Moon”.



In ancient times when man had not quite got round to inventing the wristwatch, the most reliable source of telling the time was the sun, moon, and stars. There seems to be several opinions of who came up with the moon planting calendar first.


Beautiful pic of the moon kissing the ocean. Good luck with your own romantic endeavors.

Moon- I like this picture because it looks like half the moon is water and the other half if solid. The white of the moon really stands out on the black, too.

Myspace/Hill Billy stream mix

A full moon comes out from the clouds to peek to the night and keep it company. they are being lightened by the moon.

Black | 黒 | Kuro | Nero | Noir | Preto | Ebony | Sable | Onyx | Charcoal | Obsidian | Jet | Raven | Color | Texture | Pattern | Moonlight through the limbs

“Darkness held a vague terror for these people, even the bravest among them. Children were warned not to whistle at night for fear of evil spirits. Dangerous animals became even more sinister and uncanny in the dark”

Swansboro, NC May 2012

The full Moon of May 5 (or 2012 is the closest and largest full Moon of this year. This supermoon will appear larger and 30 % brighter than other full moons of (Cierra Tuatha)

Creative Photographs of a Person Playing with the Moon - My Modern Metropolis

Creative Photographs of a Person Playing with the Moon

How to Photograph The Moon When You Are On The Ground? A question that being answered by Adrian Limani with his creative moon photography.

I'm watching....

Inspiring image beautiful, beauty, forest, luna, moon - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Full Moon

It's a blue moon tonight! Not really blue--it's just an expression that means we have a rare occurrence of an extra full moon this mont.