Cool handle-Anthony Stoneware is the pottery of Paul Anthony and Tim Jaqua who work from their studio in Western North Carolina using traditional techniques of wheel-throwing and slab construction.

Pair of Handmade Espresso Mug  Pottery Demitasse by SawyerCeramics, $24.00

Pair of Handmade Espresso Mug - Pottery Demitasse Mug - Ceramic Cup - Stoneware Mug - Coffee Mug

French Raku Studio “la porte du soleil”

The ancient Japanese practices of Raku are still honored in their courses. For example in the creation of the Japanese tea ceremony bowls ( chawan ) irregular, uneven, flawed, sometimes rough form is encouraged to enhance there organic charm.

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blue and tan mug. White stoneware, thrown and carved. from Twisted Terra, ceramic site for clay artists - love the design and glaze