Winecup Callirhoe  (poppy-mallow)

yosemite national park is one ofthe most visited national parks in north america this tranquil scene avoids the significant crowding the park suffers during summers and peak tourist seasons | Dave Welling Nature Photography

Winecup Callirhoe, a little lady we used to visit grew these in a bed with poppies. I loved them and her. Def want to have them in my garden when I get back to TX.

Kalimeris Pinnatifida

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This annual loves sun & dry conditions. It's short but notice that the brown on this flower look like a row of bird feathers. I plant these on open spots in a sedum bed.

Fritillaria Imperial

Fritillaria imperialis Orange Brilliant - These are beautiful to look at, but they make the whole garden smell like a skunk has passed through! - Gardening Go

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California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica 'Aurantiaca Orange' - beautiful orange and gold silky flowers in profusion.