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Michaelangelo's David

Michelangelo was 16 years old in Of course he was gonna be petty about it, he was a teen! Michelangelo lived to be almost but moat people didn't back then, and people forget this. Why is history full of petty peeps?

The Ghost Clock.

Funny pictures about The Awesome Ghost Clock. Oh, and cool pics about The Awesome Ghost Clock. Also, The Awesome Ghost Clock photos.

I thought this was a black and white screencap from the movie

I once did a photorealistic drawing of an iguana and I drew so many dots and circles that my family had to regularly pull me away from it so I would stop acting insane.

History wants Cleopatra to be beautiful because...

History wants so badly for Cleopatra to be beautiful. A smear campaign against one of the smartest, most powerful women in human history -

Caption this pablo thiccasso When Lil Wayne said safe sex is great sex better wear a latex cuz you dont want that late text that I think Im late text - Funny Memes

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The most metal birds you'll ever meet, the bearded vulture <-aka a dragon. That's a dragon

Humans are Weird: Hunger

Humans are space orcs /space Australia /Humans are Weird: Hunger, and having trouble deciding what to eat