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Door to the Lion's Kingdom by deskridge

artistwebsites… A large male lion stands guard at a stone door. On this side of the portal is a room made of brown . Door to the Lion's Kingdom

Daniel O'connell, Lions

"Three Otters" A photo of three otters.

Here are three river otters. They are a common animal here in the south, living in the rivers and lakes and hunting fish.

The Wolf of Winter by deskridge

artistwebsites… An angry wolf emerges from the blowing snow of a winter storm. He snarls and exposes his sharp teet. The Wolf of Winter

A Lion, Daniel O'connell

"A Horse in the Desert" ...and he has no name :)  #digitalart by Daniel Eskridge

and he has no name I've had a lot of requests for more horse art lately. Tools used: Poser, Vue, GIMP Thanks for looking! Daniel Eskridge P. A Horse in the Desert

Arte Digital - bisonte lucha por Daniel Eskridge

On a dusty grassland in the late summer, two massive bison bulls battle for dominance. Kicking up a cloud of dust the two great buffalo butt heads with tremendous force.This is the latest work in my series on the buffalo of the American west.

Shaggy Cat by deskridge

Digital Art by Daniel Eskridge. "Shaggy Cat" A ridiculously long-haired orange cat sits on an old stone wall in the middle of a grassy field. He stares directly at you as if to challenge you to give him a bath.

deskridge's DeviantArt gallery

Frosted Bison@ is by artist deskridge in digital, refer to artist’s comments below.

A Tiger, Daniel O'connell