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eschergirls:  armordoneright:  That little flutter in your heart when you find a woman who looks a lot like you and begin to imagine yourself in her shoes… Artwork@Paizo  This is very cool.  And it’s definitely awesome when you can see yourself in a character design that you just want to be. From Pathfinder: In Red Rune Canyon, Artwork by Eric Belisle. (For newcomers: I do sometimes feature well-armored, non-sexualized, non-distorted examples on this blog, just for variety and because my…

Fuck Yeah Warrior Women:] An illustration by Eric Belisle of the Pathfinder RPG character Kagur Blacklion

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Who the hell titled this pin "Traditional Archer"? Half shaved head in a bikini with heels and pseudo Asian embroidery on her uber-long loin cloth? For the record, archery in high heels counts as

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I love the large stitching and how everything is mismatched on her armor. I also love how much stuff is hanging off her belt.////Kind of the armor style I was thinking of - Torsten would have hodge-podge armor.

ArtStation - Blacksmith - Tatiana Vetrova's submission on Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Character Design at https://www.artstation.com/contests/ancient-civilizations/challenges/14/submissions/14179

f Barbarian blacksmith War Hammer Leather ArtStation - Tatiana Vetrova's submission on Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Character Design

Love this female elf druid / magic user / healer / herbalist. #pocfantasy #representationmatters

char-portraits: “ Character illustrations for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Mummy’s Mask by Ekaterina Burmak ” Channa Ti by Ekaterina Burmak

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Ralph Souffrant

Ralph Souffrant