Vintage Dior gown and fur hat (1954)

Covering a decade of Dior's haute couture photography, Rizzoli's new book Dior Glamour: 1952 - 1962 presents a stunning collection of photographs by the legen.


What women should wear while visiting Florence in days gone by or during the St. Ina Balke wearing a suit by Forquet, Florence, Italy, Photo by Regina Relang -zK9qCo9rqvo TikI6MyYaZI AAAAAAAAAzI IILp88BwhL4 s1600 newlook471

When it comes to vintage wedding dress inspiration, nothing compares to the timeless elegance of Dior gowns. Christian Dior’s label started in the late and reached the peak of its popular…


How cute are these piped, pleated, swimsuits! Of course with matching wide-brimmed straw hats. Dior bathing suits, circa theniftyfifties: Lovely Dior bathing suits, Photo by Henry Clarke.


theniftyfifties: “ Dior house model Odile wearing a tulle dress called ‘Cuba’ from Dior’s autumn/winter collection, Photo by Mark Shaw. ” Fashion, couture, interiors and everything your heart.

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Model in John Cavanagh's Strapless Evening Gown, Spring 1957 Giclee Print by John French

of course this is the tea length dress of all dresses!  very audrey hepburn! What are they wearing now: Vintage 50s Christian Dior couture on auction. One for the wish list.

Christian Dior Haute Couture, Robe du Soir COURTE, 1955 vintage style that I wish would come back!