Look at Yoongi's smile I can't I hate being an international ARMY

“i hope yoongi is happy, my little flower boy. i miss his smile 🌸💕”

@민윤리 || ✧・゚:*тєαмωσяк мαкєѕ тнє ∂яєαм ωσяк*:・゚✧

@민윤리 || ✧・゚:*тєαмωσяк мαкєѕ тнє ∂яєαм ωσяк*:・゚✧

#wattpad #fanfiction Yoongi transfers to a new university and decides to stay on campus. He just wanted some space...So who is this bubbly, loud, goofy guy?  //College AU- Fluff?

Room [Yoonseok] - 01

Here we go My bias wrecker Min yoongi Tryin to kill me yet again With his a(dork)able cute self