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Blogging Tips | How to Blog | Great Tutorial on Embedding a Pinterest board on your Blog.

How to Embed a Pinterest Board on Your WordPress Blog

Today is a tutorial on How to Fold An Envelope from a piece of computer paper. And then make it cute with Washi Tape of course!

This is a series of I don't know how many parts, I've only read part one so far!  The first part was awesome, tho and I'm off to read the rest!   (How I {finally} Started Making Money Blogging- Part 1

How I {finally} Started Making Money Blogging- Part 1

why free stuff is killing creativity

Why Free Stuff is Killing Creativity Mornings with Madge

How to remove unwanted followers on the iPhone Pinterest app:  Go to your profile, click followers, select on the person you want to unfollow you, on their profile hit the flag for the block option only. Wait a few seconds then unblock them. Now they are no longer following you.  Please don't be a jerk & report innocent people! The block option trick is only to make someone unfollow you. If you don't like the content of someone's page then here is a simple solution--keep them blocked & leave…

Let your customers share all the things you sell & add a "Pin It" button to your product pages. No Code to Add