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Eating Disorder Awareness

Wonderful NEDA artwork from Becky Lee! What a lovely inspiration for hope and recovery!

In All This Chaos We Found Safety

Schizophrenia masterpost: educating others about schizophrenia one post at a time. What is schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a brain disorder in which affects how a person thinks, acts and see’s the.

Point 8 is what I just finished trying to explain to some women the other day....go figure!

The only part of this i don't fully agree with is “Families do not cause eating disorders" True but they do help fuel them. In my experience my family has a lot to do with my illness yet I don't think they knew the harm they were causing.

Want this tattoo. Eating disorder recovery symbol from NEDA. This would mean so much to me

I want this tattoo on my stomach area. I suffered with eating disorders since I was a preteen, and still ha e reoccurrences. So I still struggle to the point of passing out at times. I need this tattoo!

Recovering from an eating disorder is like nothing you've ever imagined. Half the days I can't even bear to look at my body in the mirror. But I'm living. This is my story.

My Eating Disorder Recovery Story

💕 Anorexia Nervosa~~~ My Struggle & Path To My Eating Disorder Recovery 💕

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You made a commitment and stumbled right after. Do you run and hide? Call yourself names? You could do that or you could make peace with yourself (and accept God's grace) and start again.