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10 ESSENTIAL: Ways to Make Your Own Perfume (and Make It Last)

2 DIY Botanical Cologne Recipes

Say so long to store-bought perfume once you learn how to make your own botanical cologne in two pretty scents.

Learn how to make your own perfume, and make it last with these easy DIYs and tips for wearing and storing scents.

10 Ways to Make Your Own Perfume (and Make It Last)

If you love vintage beauty, this essential oil perfume recipe should earn a spot on your must-make list. This Citrus Lavender DIY Perfume Recipe is inspired by a beauty recipe from the This one should only take 20 minutes to make!

Mosquito Repellent - Lavender English Essential Oil – Moskiitto

DIY Lavender solid perfume --- I love solid perfumes! This is a good recipe and you can mix essential oil to make your own unique scent.

How to freeze fresh basil - pretty simple. Consider using ice cube tray to freeze small amounts into cubes, then pop them out and store long term in freezer bags. Makes it really easy to portion out later.   Also, you can add garlic, too and be 2/3 of the way to pesto all winter long. : )

How to Freeze Fresh Basil and Ideas for Using Frozen Basil

How to Freeze Fresh Basil, plus recipes for using frozen basil. (I freeze mine in ice cube trays, then, once frozen, remove from the trays and store in zip lock bags. It's easy to pop a cube into a recipe and they defrost really quick)

Homemade Roll-On Perfume. A wonderful DIY gift idea for party favors by A Blissful Nest.

DIY Roll On Perfume with Essential Oils

Favorite Combinations: Grapefruit/Peppermint – energizing blend Lavender/Vanilla/Lemon – calming and soothing with a little zing Grapefruit/Ylang Ylang – energizing blend Jasmine/Lime -floral blend Lime/Clove – de-stress blend

Homemade Lemon, Lavender and Vanilla Essential Oil Perfume and Body Spray

Homemade Lemon, Lavender and Vanilla Essential Oil Perfume and Body Spray

Homemade Lemon, Lavender and Vanilla Essential Oil Perfume and Body Spray 1 blue glass spray bottle, 4 oz oz of vodka 15 drops lavender essential oil 5 drops lemon essential oil 30 drops vanilla essential oil

How To Dry Lavender + DIY Lavender Linen Spray | HelloNatural.co

DIY Lavender Linen Spray

13 Ways to Make Your Own Perfume | HelloNatural.co

13 Ways to Make Your Own Perfume

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Skin Care Recipes : Top 10 Enchanting Homemade Perfumes -Read More -

Share Tweet + 1 Mail Did you know that most perfumes and colognes are manufactured using synthetic chemicals, even petroleum? Many of these ingredients ...

Homemade Botanical Perfumes & Colognes

Making botanical perfumes and colognes: recipes for 6 fragrance blends including Orange Spice Cologne and Woodland Perfume

How To Make Your Own Rose Elixir

How To Make Your Own Rose Elixir

Glycerites are sweet herbal tinctures which use vegetable glycerin to extract the medicinal constituents and flavor from an herb.

How to Make Herbal Glycerites: Tinctures Without Alcohol / Herbal tinctures are typically made from alcohol, but glycerin is a good alternative for children, animals, and adults when palatability and alcohol sensitivities are primary considerations.

Design your own Signature Scent using essential oils! DIY Homemade Natural Perfume ♡ purasentials.com ♡ essential oils with love

If you read my post about my DIY dryer balls or my carpet freshener, then you know that I'm in absolutely obsessed with the smell of orang.

How To Make Your Own Basic Homemade Perfume~ This is a natural oil based therapeutic perfume recipe, so for best results dab a little on the pulse areas of the body (behind the ears, on the wrists and neck). Unlike a cologne or Eau de Toilette spray the fragrance from this perfume will last all day, so a little goes a long way once applied.

Homemade Perfume & Aftershave / today perfume scents have been divided into just three groups, top, middle and bottom notes, a good balanced perfume should include a blend of all three.

Under the Influence,  An Intoxicating Blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, and lavender. -by Frankie and Myrrh

Under the Influence ---- An Intoxicating Blend of Vanilla, Jasmine, and Lavender - 11 Main

With Vodka - Homemade Jasmine Perfume Recipe

Homemade Jasmine Perfume Recipe 2 tablespoons vodka 1 tablespoon orange blossom water or distilled water Jasmine blend 30 drops jasmine 5 drops vanilla 5 drops lavender