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Last page!!!! XDDDDDD Anime: Kagerou Days (manga) or Mekaku City Actors (anime) Happy new year everyone!!!! :DD

XD Anime: Kagerou Days (manga) or Mekaku City Actors (anime) Happy new year everyone!

"I want to try singing in a girls group too. We could be called Mekakushi Girls" "I definitely won't do it!" "I was only saying..."

I don't understand Japanese but it looks like one of those typical magical girl animes with the pretty froo-frooey outfits lol -

Mekakushi-Dan | Kagerou Project

What Is Your Favorite Character From Mekaku City Actors (Kagerou Project)

Page 1 This is soooo kawaiii!!! i promise!! X33333

Page 1 This is soooo kawaiii! i promise!

Hahaha kuroha | Kagerou Project

It ain't like konoha going to help kuroha

Kagerou Project

Kagerou Project Couple outfit swap (WHY Shintaro you could've wore her uniform instead of only the scarf lmao)


Haruka (Konoha/Kuroha), Ene, Shintarō & Ayano in Yuukei Yesterday, Lost Time Memory, Outer Science and Summertime Record

笑|『会話してる画像下さい!ハイキュー!!カゲプロで。 できればこの画像にいるキャラで...』への回答の画像1。ハイキュー!!,メカクシティアクターズ,カゲロウプロジェクト。

笑|『会話してる画像下さい!ハイキュー!!カゲプロで。 できればこの画像にいるキャラで...』への回答の画像1。ハイキュー!!,メカクシティアクターズ,カゲロウプロジェクト。

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